Peace of mind - in your pocket

The 24/7 vehicle health check built into Onboard sets your mind at ease and can save you money in the future.

Onboard gives you access to 24/7 mechanical monitoring of your vehicle for anything that may require attention on your vehicle. It then transfers that information to a convenient little health check tool on the mobile app.

Location 24/7

Locate your vehicle wherever it is, see if it's moving, stationary or even being towed!

Onboard keeps a real time eye on where your vehicle is, its movements and keeps a full journey log. If you think your car has been stolen, get on your mobile and check the app. This can be handy if you want to monitor a loved one on a long journey and make sure they arrive safely.

Where did I go last week again?

Onboard keeps a journey log so you can monitor the routes you took on each journey.

Details of all the journeys you take are displayed on the mobile app including when each journey took place, the duration and distance travelled. We even give you the ability to log these as business or personal miles and get a spreadsheet of the journeys so you can claim back mileage if you need to for business purposes.

Are you really a good driver?

What makes a good driver anyway, low speeding, low mileage, gentle braking? Onboard has done all the working out for you and displays a simple score.

Onboard displays you a driving score based on your individual style and behaviour. You get a driving score for each area of measurement and an overall one to see whether you can improve your driving technique.

Nearest Fuel and Parking

When you're out and about and running low on fuel or needing to park, locating a local fuel station or a local car park can be a pain.

The Onboard ‘Nearest Fuel’ and ‘Nearest Parking’ features use your phone to locate your position and then show you all the local fuel stations and car parks close to you and, where available, we give you price information for each one respectively.

Once you have found the location you want to go to, you can select it and your phone will plot a route using the phone's Sat Nav feature.

Share my drive

Sometimes we wave people off and simply say ”Have a safe journey”. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the minute they arrive safely at their destination?

The Onboard ‘Share My Drive’ function allows you to choose to share your location via text or email for a period specified by you with anyone you want to. Whoever receives the text or email can then follow your journey on a map.

Across platforms

The Onboard smartphone application is available on iOS from Apple and also across the Android devices from the Google play store.

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