A guardian angel for
you and your vehicle

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Make your car clever

Onboard is a simple gizmo that once plugged in, provides the link between your car and your smartphone or tablet, whether iOS or Android. It works with most modern cars, so unless you love the classics, you should be able to get connected. It’s easy to fit yourself or just pop in to see a local dealer.

Find your local dealer

We’ve got a network of dealers that can fit Onboard for you if you do not fancy fitting it yourself. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will call you back and arrange an appointment for installation.

Think you're a great driver?

Everyone believes they are a fantastic driver, but wouldn’t it be great to pop up some scores to prove it!

Onboard will monitor your driving technique for you, recording harsh acceleration, braking and adherence to speed limits. It will provide you with a unique Driver Report on your mobile or tablet enabling you to improve your driving technique and helping you save money on running your vehicle.

Whoops! In the event
of an accident, Onboard
is your guardian angel.

In the event that the worst happens, our team are immediately on hand to support you. We will contact you to make sure you are safe in the first instance. Your safety is our priority.

Onboard is clever - we will have the location, accident severity and circumstances recorded. This could help you in the event of an insurance dispute. Onboard can also generate a high-tech reconstruction of the impact on your vehicle.

Providing you with
real peace of mind

If your son or daughter have recently passed their test, or have borrowed the family car to visit a friend, Onboard can keep an eye on them for you to make sure they are safe.

With Onboard’s 'Car Curfew' feature, if your car is shared with your children you can easily set limits on the speed they can drive and the time of day that they are on the road. Should the vehicle be used outside those parameters, you will receive a real-time alert direct to your mobile phone or email.

Location 24/7

Every day, nearly 300 cars are stolen. By activating “Protect Mode” on Onboard, you will be notified if your car's moved without your knowledge.

If the worst happens, and it is stolen, you can track its journey from your computer or smartphone and liaise with the authorities. But it's not just about the risk of theft.

Onboard provides much more 'everyday' functionality. For example, if you’re visiting a strange town and have forgotten where you parked, Onboard will remind you.

Don’t be let down

Onboard can let you know before mechanical issues become an expensive problem.

Onboard provides a continuous vehicle health check in the same way that your dealer assesses the health of a car when it goes in for servicing, warning you about potentially expensive problems as well as monitoring wear and tear parts like tyres and fluid levels.

It’s a bit like having your own personal mechanic checking your car every minute of every journey.

A personal portal,
just for you

All of the ‘Onboard’ vehicle features are available on your own personal customer portal. From here you can set up your system, its alerts and enable or disable various services.

If you're not comfortable with anything to do with Onboard, you have the power to switch it off from here.

A suite of goodies in
the palm of your hand

Onboard's mobile application makes everyday motoring easier, giving you tools you can take into any vehicle.

The features we have popped on our app are beyond belief. For example, if you're looking for somewhere to park or refuel, we have you covered. We have also included innovative features like "Share My Drive", "Parking Pin" and "Accident Reporting".

If there are ways to make your life easier and it can be done, chances are we have thought of it.

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